Peppered Salami

A Peppery Kick Hand rolled Italian Dry salami—mild and sweet—in freshly cracked black peppercorns to give it a spicy bite followed by the true flavor of our original Salami. Aged 21 to 55 days depending on size.

Italian Dry Salami

Using a complement of spices, full-bodied wine and select cuts of pork, Italian Dry salami brings out the richness and aroma unique to this slow-cured specialty meat.

Genoa Salami

What makes this salami different is that it starts with finely chopped, extra-lean pork. Then garlic, cracked black pepper, and wine is added, after which it’s slow-aged—giving it the aromatic mildness and soft texture it’s famous for. Slow aged at least 30 days depending on size.


Sopressata Salami is originally from the Abruzzese region of Italy. Sweet fennel and fresh garlic to give this rich salami a highly complex aroma. Our slow aging process brings out the distinctive mild flavor of the meat. Aged 21 to 51 days depending on size

Hot Sopressata

Made with coarsely chopped whole cuts of pork - Chile de arbol, paprika, and sherry wine give Hot Sopressata Salami a highly complex aroma and a pleasantly spicy finish. Aged 21 to 52 days.

Rosette De Lyon Salami

This country-style salami—named for its rose-colored appearance—comes from Lyon, the culinary capital of France. Select cuts of pork—coarsely chopped—then add fresh garlic and white peppercorns, and slow-age it 25 days for a sweet, mellow flavor


An Italian folklore goes, a thief walking through a fair in Prato, Tuscany stole a stick of salami from a merchant and hid it in a field of wild fennel. When he returned, it had absorbed the distinct sweet flavor and aroma of the fennel and Finocchiona was born. Whole cuts of pork, fresh garlic, sherry wine and wild fennel seeds that add a mellow aroma and taste. Slow aged for up to 90 days.